Kaikki ruokamme ovat käsin valmistettuja aitoja kiinalaisia makuelämyksiä, ja tarjolla on myös gluteenittomia ja kasvisannoksia. Kysy myös viinilistaa, jonka on koonnut oma sommelierimme.


  • 春卷
    Spring Roll 6.00 €

    (Shredded chicken, cabbage, carrot and vermicelli in crispy wonton wrapper)

  • 酸辣汤
    Hot and Sour Soup 6.00 €

    (Beef, bamboo shoot, wood ear, egg with pepper and vinegar)

  • 云吞汤
    Wonton Soup 7.00 €

    (Pork wonton, bok choy and Chinese pickles)

  • 虾饺
    Shrimp Dumpling 8.00 €

    (Wheat starch skin dumpling filled with shrimp and bamboo shoot)

  • 煎饺
    Chicken Dumpling 8.00 €

    (Pan fried dumpling filled with chicken and chives)

  • 夫妻肺片
    Sliced Beef and Ox Tongue in Chilli Sauce 12.00 €

    (Sliced beef, tongue and omasum in szechuan style chili oil)

  • 五香毛豆
    Spiced Edamame 6.00 €

    (Boiled edamame beans with five spices)

  • 凉拌黄瓜
    Smashed Cucumbers 6.00 €

    (Cucumber salad with chili, garlic and vinegar sauce)


  • 宫保鸡丁
    Chicken Kung Pao 13.00 €

    (Chicken cubes, cucumber, carrot, cashew nuts with chili and sweet sauce)

  • 辣子鸡
    Chongqing Chicken with Chilies 15.00 €

    (Battered chicken, red onion, chili pepper, celery with szechuan pepper and chili)

  • 左宗棠鸡
    General Tso’s Chicken 14.00 €

    (Battered chicken, red onion and bell pepper with chili sweet sour sauce)

  • 炸鸡球
    Sweet and Sour Chicken 12.00 €

    (Marinated and deep-fried chicken balls with sweet sour sauce)

猪肉 / PORK

  • 鱼香肉丝
    Yuxiang Shredded Pork 14.00 €

    (Shredded pork, bamboo shoot, carrot and wood ear with yuxiang chili sauce)

  • 蒜香排骨
    Garlic Spare Ribs 17.00 €

    (Marinated and battered pork ribs with garlic sauce)

  • 麻婆豆腐
    Mapo Tofu 14.00 €

    (Tofu and ground pork with szechuan bean paste)

  • 锅包肉
    Fried Pork in Scoop 17.00 €

    (Marinated and deep-fried pork slices with sweet sour sauce)

  • 回锅肉
    Double Cooked Pork Slices 15.00 €

    (Pork belly, red onion and bell pepper with chili bean paste)

牛肉 / BEEF

  • 小炒牛肉
    Sauteed Beef with Chili Sauce 18.00 €

    (Beef, chili pepper with spicy and hot sauce)

  • 黑椒牛柳
    Sauteed Beef with Black Pepper 19.00 €

    (Beef, red onion and carrot with black pepper sauce)

  • 水煮牛肉
    Sliced Beef in Chili Oil 22.00 €

    (Beef, bok choy and bean sprouts in szechuan style chili oil)

羊肉 & 鸭肉 / LAMB & DUCK

  • 牙签羊肉
    Fried Mutton on Toothpicks 20.00 €

    (Mutton with sesame, chili and cumin sauce)

  • 葱爆羊肉
    Sauteed Lamb with Scallion 18.00 €

    (Mutton, onion and leak with delicate soy sauce)

  • 香酥鸭
    Crispy Deep-Fried Duck 20.00 €

    (Crispy duck, onion and cucumber with sesame hoisin sauce)


  • 香辣虾
    Fried Prawns in Hot and Spicy Sauce 21.00 €

    (Tiger prawn, red onion and chili pepper with spicy and hot sauce)

  • 椒盐大虾
    Salt and Pepper Prawns 20.00 €

    (Tiger prawn, celery and snow pea with pepper salt)

  • 腰果虾仁
    Fried Shrimps with Cashew Nuts 19.00 €

    (Freshwater shrimp, onion, bell pepper, cashew nuts with salt and pepper)

  • 水煮鱼
    Fish Filets in Hot Chili Oil 23.00 €

    (Pike perch, bok choy and bean sprouts in szechuan style chili oil)

  • 酸菜鱼
    Chinese Sauerkraut Fish 23.00 €

    (Pike perch, pickled chinese cabbage and bean sprouts with spicy and hot sauce)

  • 烧溜扇贝
    Braised Scallop with Black Bean Soy Sauce 26.00 €

    (Scallop, romanesco broccoli, enokitake and beech mushroom with black bean soy sauce)

素菜 & 豆腐 / VEGE & TOFU

  • 香菇油菜
    Bok Choy with Shiitake mushrooms 13.00 €

    (Bok choy and shiitake mushroom with garlic)

  • 鱼香茄子
    Fish-flavored Eggplant 12.00 €

    (Eggplant with yuxiang chili sauce)

  • 家常豆腐
    Home Style Fried Tofu 12.00 €

    (Tofu, red onion, broccoli, carrot and snow pea with soy sauce)


  • 扬州炒饭
    Yangchow Fried Rice 14.00 €

    (Rice, shrimp, ham, corn, pea, egg with salt and pepper)

  • 干炒牛河
    Stir-Fried Rice Noodle with Beef 14.00 €

    (Rice noodle, beef, celeriac, carrot, bok choy and egg with fish sauce)

  • 素菜炒面
    Stir-Fried Noodles with Vegetables 12.00 €

    (Noodle, bok choy, cabbage, green bean, carrot and egg with soy sauce)


  • 油泼面
    Oil Spill Noodles 11.00 €

    (Noodle, bok choy and bean sprouts with chili and vinegar)

  • 丁丁炒面
    Fried Biang Biang Noodle with Lamb 16.00 €

    (Noodle, lamb, tomato and garlic shoot)


  • 香蕉冰淇淋
    Fried Bananas and Ice Cream 6.00 €

    (Deep fried banana, vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup and peanut)


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